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Ovarian cysts are a common occurrence in menstruating women and, most of the time, the cysts are asymptomatic and resolve on their own. But, in some cases, ovarian cysts can develop into a more serious matter.  
Ovarian cysts are typically discovered during a routine pelvic examination. The doctor will usually observe the cyst over a period of months through ultrasounds to see if it resolves itself. If it does not, or if it is accompanied by pain or other symptoms, the doctor will perform tests to see if the cyst is malignant. Symptoms that tend to accompany ovarian cysts include irregular or painful periods, pain during sexual intercourse or when passing a bowel movement, or pain in the abdomen that may radiate to the thighs and buttocks.
If the cyst does not resolve on its own, the doctor may decide to remove it surgically. At that time, he or she will typically take a sample of the cyst to test it for malignancy.
In some cases, especially when an ovarian cyst is not found early on, it can rupture. A ruptured ovarian cyst is not only extremely painful, but it can lead to serious medical problems. A ruptured ovarian cyst can have potentially life-threatening complications, such as hemorrhage and infection. If you feel you may have an ovarian cyst, it is important to have your symptoms identified as soon as possible to avoid a critical emergency situation.
Because ovarian cysts are so common and because women need to be educated about asymptomatic, malignant and ruptured cysts, we have created this website to inform women about how to detect whether or not they have a cyst and what to do about it if they do.
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